2010 Reno, NV Senior Living Resource Guide and Directory
2010 Reno Senior Directory

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Whether you are anticipating the future or coping with a crisis now, this resource guide can help you discover the resources you need to take responsibility for challenges you might encounter as a senior, or as someone who is caring for an older person.
This guide is a way for families to discover topics about which they can create meaningful dialogue. Getting older is a process in which every living person is engaged – it is a family and community matter – between spouses, partners, siblings, and the generations.

Chapter 1
Taking Charge

Information for planning ahead, managing your financial, legal, and final planning and safety and security needs for the future. 

Chapter 2  
Addressing Housing Options

Descriptions of housing alternatives, guidelines for choosing housing, and a comprehensive list of choices that span the housing continuum for seniors.

Chapter 3 
Finding Help

Details health care and support services and programs including hospitals, medical resources, food and nutrition, outreach, support groups, transportation and more.

Chapter 4 
Exploring Health Issues

Health index of illnesses and ailments combined with a listing of organizations and resources to offer assistance. This chapter begins on page 66.

Chapter 5  
Living Fully

Local, regional and national opportunities for seniors in educational, recreational, familial, cultural, high tech, and volunteer forums for life-expanding experiences. 80.